Design Inspirations while Designing a T-Shirt

Are you in need of a few T-shirt design ideas? T-shirts have been more than just clothing.

T-shirts worn by everyone, and they’re pretty much the new billboards.

T-shirts better than the old kind, because they’re mobile, and they give you the credibility of the approval of whoever wears them.

T-shirts the perfect place if you want to get viral advertising and precious brand recognition. But, that only works if you have a good t-shirt design.

Things to Consider before designing :

The base of your t-shirt is the shirt design that it displays. You want it to represent your brand, and you want it to stand out.

That isn’t easy, as there are almost as many t-shirt designs as there are t-shirts.

You can get help on the creative side by having unlimited graphic design resources. There are lots of things you can buy there to take your design to the next level.

Now that you have your resources, here are four things you should consider if you want to design your own, or if you’re just looking at t-shirt design ideas.

  1. Look at it as a piece of art. The street can be a gallery as much as any museum, so creating a cool t-shirt design that will spark a conversation is a good idea.

  2. Whoever is wearing your t-shirt, is introducing you to potential clients. Use it to show people who you are, and what you do.

  3. Consider how your t-shirts will be worn. Ideally, for street-strutting moments, you’ll want something sleek, and not something that will only be seen by the wearer’s other half.

  4. Sure, you want it to seem cool and exclusive. But if you want to get the most wear out of it, make sure the design is applicable to as many target markets as possible.

Explore your concept and take your time

Make a sketch, go out for a walk. Make a few variations, eat something, and do a full brainstorming process. Afterwards, sleep on it. Then do it all over again. Sure, if it comes to you straight away, that’s amazing, but other options should be explored just in case.

Keep things simple, but don’t neglect details

  1. Attention to detail is something everyone appreciates.

  2. Seeing a well-executed masterpiece on a tee can look stunning, and you can study that for hours.

Consider your target market

This is important. Who are you designing for? Male or female, young or old?

You’re making something you want people to wear, and like any good marketer, you should write down who you want to attract to your design. Who they are, what other brands they like, what about them, everything, and start from there.

Keep the humor subtle

If you want a humorous design, it shouldn’t come across as a low-cost joke shirt. Even some of the most successful loud, in your face designs have subtle humour.

Color matters more than you think

The t-shirt color should be used effectively, and you should go for complementary colors.

If you’re using Illustrator, turn on Global Colors – it’ll save you time and it’s a life saver. Halftones are also good if you have a restricted color palette.

Properly prepare your artwork

When screen printing, use CMYK colors – the printers will love you. Outlining text and expanding strokes are another thing they’ll love, and there are plenty of other tutorials regarding this, depending on whether you’re using Illustrator or Photoshop.

Find a good printer

Even though your design is finished and prepared properly, the tee is only as good as the printer. Give it to a reputable company, or give your local guys a call, but taking time to learn about the type of tee you’ll be printing on is important.

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