Points to Consider While Buying a Tshirt

Just by changing a few factors in your dressing, you can go from looking average to looking absolutely bold and beautiful. This post is about 6 points to consider when it comes to choosing the right t shirts.


Point 1: Always wear the t shirt with graphic pattern having only two color's on it. It means, if your t shirt is of white color then the design should be of black colour or any one colour which is suitable to white colour. Always remember that two colour means base color of the t shirt and the other one is graphic design’s colour. Many times, youth choose the pattern which have dominating third colour which messes the look of that pattern and t shirt. Point 2: Always wear t shirt which is tight in upper torso and little lose in lower torso that means part above the chest should be tight and the lower part of your chest should be little lose. Never wear a t-shirt too tight which shows your nipples. Point 3: Neck ring, try to avoid neck ring which is thick and loose. Keep in mind that thick and lose neckline look shabby and childish. If you want to look like a macho always wear t-shirt with thin and tight neck line. Point 4: Creating a wardrobe does not mean to spend a lot of money but to have a bare essential tee’s in your cupboard. Like V neck white and black, white round neck t shirt these are essential for men’s clothing which you can pair with jeans and under denim jackets. If we talk about more colors in t shirt then maroon, olive green, mélange grey and navy blue are very versatile colors really elegant in nature. Point 5: T shirt is a casual wear. Never pair your t shirt with formal shoes or semi formal shoes. You can pair flop flops or sneakers with t shirt. Point 6: Watches! Yes matching color lathered strap watches would go absolutely superb with tshirts. Do not pair metallic watches with t shirt. Tshirt’s are very casual wear so if you want to wear for formal occasion then wear plain black or white once and if you want more formal look you can layer this with semi formal jacket.


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